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Payne’s IFES Europe Mission

We love interacting with European students!  We have completed our 19th yearly winter trip, 2/26 to 5/2/2018.  Download our ICC.Topics Europe 2018 Payne (as seen below.)


NORTHERN SWEDEN  February 26 – March 2
27 Tues   Umea: “Atheism vs. Christianity: Where Does the Evidence Point?”
28 Wed   “Why Does God Allow So Much Suffering and Evil?”.
1 Thu       Lulea: What is Marriage?” (according to the Bible).
2 Fri         Lunch: “Why Does God Seek to Limit Our Sexuality?”.
SLOVAKIA March 3 – 8 
4 Sun      Church in Kocise: “Sharing our Mission”
5 Mon      Kocise: “The Big Bang, the Origin of the Universe, and God”
6 Tues     Presov: “Why Does God Allow So Much Evil and Suffering”
Classroom Lecture (Janet) “Communicative Groupwork in an EFL Classroom.”
7 Wed:     Presov: Night of Testimonies on Suffering and Healing
LITHUANIA March 8 – 17 
13 Tue    Kaunas: “Men Vs Women: What Does God Have to Say About Relationships?”  (Peter and Janet)
14 Wed   Kaunas:  “Sex: What Does God Have to Do with It?”
15 Thu    Kaunas:  “A Christian Perspective on Homosexuality”
16 Fri     Vilnius: “Men Vs Women: What Does God Have to Say About Relationships?”  (Peter and Janet)
17 Sat     Vilnius: “Sex: What Does God Have to Do with It?”
LATVIA  March 18 – 23 
19 Mon     Riga: Lunch with staff, Cultural Night (opening of week’s activities) in evening
20 Tue      Riga: On campus in morning and “Christian Grilling” in evening
21 Wed     Riga: Stories and Testimonies in a Coffee House
22 Thu      “Easter” Evangelistic Talk (Peter)
STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN March 23 – 28 
26 Mon    KTH Royal Engineering/Technical College in Stockholm: “What Is a Person?”
27 Tues    KTH noon lecture series (not speaking),  and Karolinska Medical Institute in evening, “Why Does God Allow So Much Evil and Suffering?”
28 Wed    KTH noon lecture series (not speaking)
NETHERLANDS March 29 – April 8
Mar 29-Apr 4 Train to Amersfoort, Easter with friends,
5 Thu      Morning with director of the Foundation for Christian Philosophy Groningen:Evening Talk: Somethingism
6 Fri     Groningen, Lunch Talk: Topic?
POLAND  April 9 – 13
8 Sun        Spend the night in Warsaw.
9 Mon       Fly to Szczecin, 6:00pm talk at university: “Science and Christianity”
11 Wed      Afternoon talk in Katowice University: “Science and Christianity”
12 Thurs    Talk at university in Giliwice (town next to Katowice): “Science and Christianity”
13 -16         IFES International Student Conference: “Global Impact”
SOUTHERN SWEDEN  April 16 – 21   
17 Tue        Lund University: Doubt
18 Wed       Train to Gothenburg, Lunch with Christians in Pedagogy Department
19 Thu         Chalmers (Technical) University: “What is a Person?”
20 Fri         Sahlgrenska Medical College Lunch Talk: “Does Ethics Need a Foundation in God?”
Additional discussion on “The Paradox of Pain” (pun intended by them)
GERMANY  April 21 – May 3
22 Sun   Church and 6:00pm talk: “Does Ethics Need a Foundation in God?” Dinner and discussion with students, and young faculty fellowship
23  Mon  Meet with students in Bremen
24 Tuesday  Prayer meeting with students in Dresden
25 Wed Dresden University: “Atheism vs Christianity: To Believe or Not to Believe”
26 Thu Dresden U: “Free Will:  Do We Have a Choice?”
29  Sun    Meet Stuttgart SMD students for church, stay with a friend
1 May Tue  National Holiday:  Morning hike with SMD Christian students, afternoon BBQ
2 Wed Konstanz University: “Jesus and Mohammed: A Comparison”
SWEDEN to USA May 3-4

We are on our 19th winter trip to Europe to serve the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students.  Sign up for email updates at janetvpayne@gmail.com.           Peter and Janet Payne


Below are some topics Peter has addressed recently.   The audios are about 45 minutes plus questions – but he often gives 30 minute talks.  We offer the longer versions so you can get a fuller idea of his presentations.  The slideshows (.pdf versions) and audios are usually from different talks and they do not match exactly – but we will work on that.

Send an email to Peter if you would like for him to speak on your university. 

•  The Reliability of Scripture  

Is the Bible historically reliable, and why does it matter?

       Scripture Slideshow

•  What is a Person?

The unique characteristics of personhood and consciousness, and the problem it causes for a naturalists

       Persons Slideshow

       Persons Audio (Not an exact match to the slides.)

      What Is a Person Paper

•  Doubt

Five misconceptions about doubt that make dealing with it more difficult than it needs to be

       Doubt Slideshow

•  Belief in ‘Somethingism’

How to help those who believe in “something,” but don’t like organized religion

       Belief in Somethingism Slideshow

•  Why Does God Allow So Much Evil and Suffering?

A different approach to the problem

Veritas Forum Lecture

Suffering Slideshow

Suffering Audio   – long version including Q/A

•  Why Does God Want to Limit Sex?

       Limit Sex? Slideshow

      Why Does God Want to Limit Sex?- Audio

•  Science and Christianity: Worldviews in Conflict?

The common assumption that the success of science gives strong support for naturalism

         Science and Christianity Slideshow

        Success of Science Paper

•  Free Will  

Does free will make sense either from what science tells or from the Bible?

       Freewill Slideshow   (includes the German translation) 

•  Atheism Vs Christian Beliefs: Where Does the Evidence Lie?

A critique of atheism and naturalism with alternatives

       Atheist/Christian Slideshow (includes the German translation)

•  Does Ethics Need a Foundation in God?  

What a naturalist perspective can and cannot provide, and why it matters

       Ethics Slideshow

       Ethics Debate Summary

•  Evidence for the Resurrection

The historical case for the resurrection of Jesus

       Resurrection Slideshow  (This version is a combination of evidence and the question of miracles – the Dead Men talk.)

      Resurrection Audio (Not an exact match to the slides.)

•  ‘But Dead Men Don’t Rise’

Miracles: Can one reasonably believe what is physically impossible?

       Dead Men Slideshow

      Dead Men Audio (Not an exact match to the slides.)

•  The Cost of Discipleship: Is It Worth It?

If I seriously seek to obey Jesus, what will that mean? Is it worth it?

       Is It Worth It Slideshow

•  Jesus and Muhammad: A Comparison

Similarities and dissimilarities using quotes from the Qur’an and the Gospel Accounts

       Jesus and Muhammad Slideshow

       Jesus and Muhammed Audio (Not an exact match to the slides.)

•  The Qur’an and the Bible

Comparisons with respect to their content and formation, and claims made about them

•  The Gospel for Skeptics

A guide to talking about the Gospel with skeptics

•  Speaking of Jesus

Tips on talking to friends about the gospel without being pushy

•  Design in the Universe

The apparent fine tuning of natural law and a response to the “multiverse” argument against it

Design Audio

        Design in the Universe Outline

• On the Origin of the Universe and God

Cosmological speculations and biblical faith

Origin Slideshow

•  Homosexuality: A Christian Perspective

A look both at research results and how we should respond as Christians

•  ‘What the … Hell?’

What the Bible teaches and wrestling with the hard questions surrounding the topic

‘Love Wins’: A Summary and Evaluation of Rob Bell’s Book

        Love Wins Slideshow

•  The Strong Promises of Prayer  

What is promised and what role does faith play?

•  What about the Canaanites?  

A discussion about God’s commands concerning the people of Canaan.

      Canaanites Slideshow

Peter and Janet are advisors to the Grad Christian Fellowship at University of California at Santa Cruz.  It is a group of grad students who seeks to encourage one another in discipleship to Christ and being a witness on the campus to the transforming power of the gospel.

We meet weekly for Bible study on Tuesday evenings at 6:00pm in Grad Commons, except the first Tuesdays, when we have a monthly dinner at a nearby home.  This includes over the summer.  There are retreats and other events, as well.  Contact me for more information, peter@crediblechristianity.org


About Peter and Janet Payne

Peter and Janet

Peter and Janet live in Mount Hermon, California, near Santa Cruz.  They have two grown sons, wonderful daughters-in-laws, and fun grandchildren.

Peter is Managing Director of the ICC: speaking and training in apologetics and outreach, and serving students locally at UCSC. His PhD is in Philosophy, and was with InterVarsity’s Grad-Faculty Ministry for 21 years.

Janet is the Associate Director of the ICC: handling administration, training students in Bible and outreach, and serving students at UCSC. Her MAs are in Education and TESOL.


We have traveled to serve IFES Europe for at least one month every year since 2000.  That includes two months for 2016, 2017, and ten weeks in 2018 – with some time off at Easter with friends.

2018 Sweden, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland and Germany

2017 Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Lithuania, Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Liechtenstein and IFES-Europe Evangelism Conference in Germany

2016 Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Germany

2015 Finland, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany,

2014 Norway, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Slovakia

2013 Hungary, Finland, Poland

2012 Netherlands, Slovenia, Slovakia, IFES-Europe Evangelism Conference in Hungary

2011 Norway, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, England

2009 Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Czech Republic

2008 Estonia, Finland

2008 Moldova, Croatia, and IFES-Europe Evangelism Conference in Austria

2007 IFES-World Assembly in Canada

2006 Slovakia, Czech Republic

2005 Croatia, Slovenia

2004 Eleven weeks in Scotland and Oxford, England

2004 IFES-Europe Evangelism Conference in Hungary, plus Ukraine, and Austria (Mittersill)

2003 IFES-World Assembly in Netherlands plus England with Cambridge Round Church Apologetics Ministry

2001 Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic

2000 IFES-Europe Evangelism Conference in Germany

    1. The Enigma of Conciousness
    2. What Caused God?
    3. Science and Christianity: Worldviews in Conflict?
    4. The Problem of Evil and Suffering: Gaining Perspective
    5. Limits of Scientific Method
    6. Justice in God and the Problem of Evil
    7. Ethics Debate Summary
    8. Success of Science Paper
    9. What is a Person – Paper for ETS


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