IFES Europe Mission 2018

We love interacting with European students!  We are about ready to leave for our 19th winter trip, 2/26 to 5/2/2018.

TOPICS AND LOCATIONS as of February 21, 2018:

NORTHERN SWEDEN  February 26 – March 2

27 Tues   Umea: “Atheism vs. Christianity: Where Does the Evidence Point?”

28 Wed   “Why Does God Allow So Much Suffering and Evil?”.

1 Thu       Lulea: What is Marriage?” (according to the Bible).

2 Fri         Lunch: “Why Does God Seek to Limit Our Sexuality?”.

SLOVAKIA March 3 – 8 

4 Sun      Church in Kocise: “Sharing our Mission”

5 Mon      Kocise: “The Big Bang, the Origin of the Universe, and God”

6 Tues     Presov: “Why Does God Allow So Much Evil and Suffering”

Classroom Lecture (Janet) “Communicative Groupwork in an EFL Classroom.”

7 Wed:     Presov: Night of Testimonies on Suffering and Healing

LITHUANIA March 8 – 17 

13 Tue     Kaunas: “Does God Have Anything to Say About Relationships?”

14 Wed    Kaunas:  “Why Does God Limit Our Sexuality?”

15 Thu     Kaunas:  “A Christian Perspective on Homosexuality”

16 Fri       Vilnius: “Men and Women: Friendships and Relationships”

17 Sat       Vilnius: “Sexuality: Limitations, Restoration and Wholeness” (aimed at Christians)

LATVIA  March 18 – 23 

19 Mon     Riga: Cultural Night – Opening of Week’s Activities

20 Tue      Riga: on campus in morning and “Christian Grilling” in evening

21 Wed     Riga: “Life Library” (Tables and talking) and Valmiera: Outreach Talk  (Topic?)

22 Thu      “Easter” Evangelistic Talk

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN March 23 – 28 

26 Mon    KTH Royal Engineering/Technical College in Stockholm: “What Is a Person?”

27 Tues   Karolinska Medical Institute in evening, “Topic?”

28 Wed    KTH morning in cafeteria for table discussions.

NETHERLANDS March 29 – April 8

Mar 29-Apr 3 Train to Amersfoort, Easter with friends,

Apr 4 Ultrecht talk possible

5 Thu      Morning with director of the Foundation for Christian Philosophy

Groningen:Evening Talk: Topic?

6 Fri     Groningen, Lunch Talk: Topic?

POLAND  April 9 – 13

8 Sun        Spend the night in Warsaw.

9 Mon       Fly to Szczecin, 6:00pm talk at university: “Science and Christianity”

11 Wed      Afternoon talk in Katowice University: “Science and Christianity”

12 Thurs    Talk at university in Giliwice (town next to Katowice): “Science and Christianity”

13 -16         IFES International Student Conference: “Global Impact”

SOUTHERN SWEDEN  April 16 – 21   

17 Tue        Lund University: Topic?

18 Wed       Train to Gothenburg, Lunch lecture to pedagogy department: Topic?

19 Thu         Chalmers (Technical) University: “What is a Person?”

20 Fri         Sahlgrenska Medical College Lunch Talk: “Does Ethics Need a Foundation in God?”

Additional discussion on “The Paradox of Pain” (pun intended by them)

GERMANY  April 21 – May 3

22 Sun Church, 6:00pm talk: “Does Ethics Need a Foundation in God?”

Dinner and discussion with students, and young faculty fellowship

24 Tue Meet with students in Dresden

25 Wed Dresden University: “Atheism vs Christianity: To Believe or Not to Believe”

26 Thu Dresden U: “Free Will:  Do We Have a Choice?”

29  Sun Meet Stuttgart SMD students for church, stay with a friend

1 May Tue  National Holiday:  Morning hike with SMD Christian students, afternoon BBQ

2 Wed Konstanz University: “Jesus and Mohammed: A Comparison”

SWEDEN to USA May 3-4

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