Past Europe Trips

We have traveled to serve IFES Europe for at least one month every year since 2000 (2 months for 2016, 2017, and 10 weeks in 2018 – with some time off at Easter with friends.)

2018 – upcoming Sweden, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland and Germany

2017 Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Lithuania, Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Liechtenstein

2016 Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Germany

2015 Finland, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany,

2014 Norway, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Slovakia

2013 Hungary, Finland, Poland

2012 Netherlands, Slovenia, Slovakia, IFES-Europe Evangelism Conference, Hungary

2011 Norway, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, England

2009 Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Czech Republic

2008 Estonia, Finland

2008 Moldova, Croatia, and IFES-EUROPE Evangelism Conference, Austria

2007 IFES-World Assembly, Canada

2006 Slovakia, Czech Republic

2005 Croatia, Slovenia

2004 Eleven weeks in Scotland and Oxford, England

2004 IFES-EUROPE Evangelism Conference, Hungary, plus Ukraine, and Austria (Mittersill)

2003 IFES-World Assembly, Netherlands plus England with Cambridge Round Church Apologetics Ministry

2001 Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic

2000 IFES-EUROPE Evangelism Conference, Germany

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