IFES EUROPE 2017    
Links to Talks, Photos, Powerpoints COMING

SWEDEN March 1-7 

March 6…..Umeå University in Umeå:


March 9…..International Cafe in Zurich: “Doubt”

FINLAND March 10-15

March 11….Helsinki: “Why is There Something Instead of Nothing?” (with opponent)
March 13….Aalto Technical University/The Guild of the Cross in Espoo: “The Strong Promises of Prayer”
March 14….University of Turku in Turku: “The Origin of Everything”

LITHUANIA March 15-19

March 15….Kaunas:
March 16….Vilnius: “Belief in Somethingism”
March 17….Vilnius: “Can We Still Believe in Free Will?”
March 18….Vilnius: “The Gospel for Skeptics”

HUNGARY March 19-25

Schedule Coming …

DENMARK March 25-31

March 27-30 COPENHAGEN CAMPUS MISSION (We will be involved with the students Monday-Thursday)
March 29….Peter-Lunch Talk: “Does Ethics Need a Foundation in God?”
March 30….Janet-Lunch Talk: “Is it Possible to Become a Better Person?”
March 30….Evening Talk: “The Resurrection of Jesus?…but Dead Men Don’t Rise!”

SWEDEN March 31 to April 7

March 31….Chalmers University in Gothenburg:
April 2…..New Life Church in Stockholm: “Evidence for the Resurrection”

April 4-9 STOCKHOLM CAMPUS MISSION (We will be involved with the students Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)
April 4…..Lunch Talk: KTH Technical University in Stockholm:
April 5…..University of Linköping in Linköping: Lunch Talk


A break with friends in Amersfoort

GERMANY April 12-27

April 12-18 IFES ALL-EUROPE EASTER CONFERENCE: PRESENCE 17 in Aschaffenburg (We will be involved with students all week)
April 16….Seminar at Conference: The Reliability of Scripture
April 25….Konstanz: Debate on “Does Morality Need a Foundation in God?”

Return to USA from Stockholm on April 28

One thought on “EUROPE 2017

  1. Hi dear Peter Payne, I have just read about you and your researches and the fact that you are visiting Lithuania. Are you still here, in Lithuania?

    I am Agne Strolyte, teacher who works in Vilnius International School. Currently we are studying about religions with 4 graders. I was wondering maybe you could visit Vilnius International School if you are still in Vilnius and answer few 4 graders’ questions?

    Kind regards, Agne

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