Below are some topics Peter has addressed recently.  Other topics and formats can be arranged.

•  Jesus and Muhammad: A Comparison

similarities and dissimilarities using quotes from the Qur’an and the Gospels

•  The Qur’an and the Bible

comparisons with respect to claims made about them, their content, their formation

•  Evangelism to Skeptics

a guide to talking about the gospel with skeptics

•  Belief in ‘Somethingism’

how to help those who believe in “something,” but don’t like organized religion

•  Speaking of Jesus

tips on talking to friends about the gospel without being pushy

•  Design in the Universe

the apparent fine tuning of natural law and a response to the “multiverse” argument against it

•  Science and Christianity: Worldviews in Conflict?

the common assumption that the success of science gives strong support for naturalism [the view that the physical world is all that exists]

•  The Big Bang, the Origin of the Universe, and God

cosmological speculations and biblical faith

•  Why Does God Allow So Much Evil and Suffering?

a different approach to the problem — see Veritas Forum Lecture

•  Doubt

five misconceptions about doubt that make dealing with it more difficult than it needs to be

•  Homosexuality: A Christian Perspective

a look both at research results and how we should respond as Christians

•  ‘What the … Hell?’

what the Bible teaches and wrestling with the hard questions surrounding the topic

‘Love Wins’: A Summary and Evaluation of Rob Bell’s Book
•  Evidence for the Resurrection

the case for resurrection of Jesus

•  ‘But Dead Men Don’t Rise’

Can one reasonably believe what is physically impossible?

•  The Cost of Discipleship: Is It Worth It?

If I seriously seek to obey Jesus, what will that mean? Is it worth it?

•  The Strong Promises of Prayer  

What is promised and what role does faith play?

•  Slavery in the Bible  

Does the Bible condone slavery?

•  Free Will  

Does free will make sense either from what science tells or from the Bible?

•  Does Ethics Need a Foundation in God?  

What a naturalist perspective can and cannot provide, and why it matters

•  The Reliability of Scripture  

Is the Bible historically reliable, and why does it matter?


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